Welcome Back!

We are thrilled to welcome visitors back to Lake Tahoe after the recent Caldor Fire. Thanks to the tireless work of all the front-line heroes and agencies who worked to protect our town and forests, Tahoe South is open and thriving. It’s the perfect time to secure your wedding date!
white spider on purple flower

How’d you like to find this guy lurking in your wedding dress? Believe it or not, you’d be lucky if you did! (Photo courtesy of Tom Van Sichem)

It’s October! So, whether you’re planning the traditional ceremony or the hallowedding of your dreams, take a break to check out a few fun (and a couple of spooky!) wedding superstitions from around the world.

Spiders and spirits

Imagine slipping into your beautiful wedding gown only to encounter a hairy spider lurking therein. It might sound horrifying but, according to English folklore, you’d be one lucky bride. A spider in the wedding dress is a creepy sign of a happy future together!

Or, ever wonder why the groom carries the bride across the threshold? Us too. Come to find out, he’s bravely protecting her from the evil spirits hiding in the darkness.

Wedding day rain

bride and groom under an umbrella

One lucky Lake Tahoe couple (Photo courtesy of Gabriel Crismariu)

We haven’t met a bride yet who hopes for a rainy wedding day. But, Hindu superstition holds that rain on your wedding day is a symbol of fertility and cleansing. Some say that the rain represents renewal and unity, or that the rain is all the tears the bride will ever shed—meaning she will always be happy going forward.

The bride wears white

bride and groom in the snow

White on white South Tahoe style. (Photo courtesy of Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe)

More a tradition than superstition, this practice came into fashion in the mid-1800s thanks to one of the first-ever high profile wedding pics. The image featuring Queen Victoria in her lovely white gown appeared in one of the first-ever wedding photos wearing a white gown. Before that, many brides wore the color blue because it symbolized purity.

…And 3 more just for fun

bride and groom under a stone arch

A traditional ceremony in Grand View Garden at The Ridge Tahoe. (Photo courtesy of Eric Asistin Photography)

  1. What’s in a day? A lot, according to English superstition. The Brits say marrying on a Monday brings wealth, Tuesday brings health, and Wednesday brings the best luck. The unluckiest day to get hitched also happens to be the world’s most popular—Saturday.
  2. Trick or treat! (Kind of.) An old Finnish tradition holds that brides should collect gifts door-to-door in a pillowcase before her wedding day.
  3. Got milk? Moroccan brides do—and lots of it. Tradition holds that dunking into a milk bath before getting married has a purifying effect.

We’re all about fun in South Lake Tahoe—and whether your destination wedding here is full of tradition or time-honored superstition, it’s certain to be something to remember. Click here to start planning!