Welcome Back!

We are thrilled to welcome visitors back to Lake Tahoe after the recent Caldor Fire. Thanks to the tireless work of all the front-line heroes and agencies who worked to protect our town and forests, Tahoe South is open and thriving. It’s the perfect time to secure your wedding date!

A surprise sunset proposal in Tahoe. Photo credit: Blue Lotus Photography

Hey there, lovebirds! Ready to take your romance to the next level? Let’s talk proposal spots in Lake Tahoe! From breathtaking vistas to cozy hideaways, we’ve got some of the most enchanting proposal spots imaginable.

But what makes a perfect marriage proposal? For some couples, it may be a grand gesture in front of a huge crowd, while others prefer the intimacy of a private moment shared between just the two of you. No matter your style, the key is to make it uniquely about you and your partner, ensuring it’s a moment that will be cherished forever. We’re here to help with the 7 best spots to propose in South Tahoe.

1. Propose in Tahoe on a Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

re you dreaming of a fairytale proposal?  Picture this: a sunset horse-drawn carriage ride in Tahoe, the perfect setting to complete your romantic storybook moment. Just steps away from Margaritaville Resort Lake Tahoe, at the California/Nevada state line, awaits a pair of majestic Belgian Draft Horses ready to whisk you away on a magical journey through town. And here’s the icing on the cake: after saying your “I Dos,” you can ride off into the sunset in that very same carriage. Talk about a happily ever after!

Propose in Tahoe on a horse-drawn carriage ride – it’s classic and romantic! Photo credit: SleighRide.com

2. A Water’s Edge Wedding Proposal

Tahoe is known for skiing, hiking, water sports, golfing, fishing… The list goes on and on! Our beaches are unparalleled, especially here along the south shore. When you’re ready to pop the question, start with a romantic beach picnic or have a lovely waterfront dinner at Jimmy’s (a proud recipient of the 2023 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence), located at The Landing Lake Tahoe Resort & Spa,  followed by a stroll on the 1,000-foot wooden pier at Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe. Tahoe South is known for its breathtaking and brilliant sunsets, and the pier is an ideal place to take in vibrant colors.

Shoreline sunset and 1,000-foot pier at Beach Retreat & Lodge at Lake Tahoe

3. Propose on Lake Tahoe

Suppose you want to propose in Tahoe in a more unique, elegant, and vintage way. We recommend taking your partner on a Lake Tahoe sunset dinner cruise by way of a historic Mississippi paddle wheeler. The authentic Lake Tahoe Cruises vessel sets sail from Zephyr Cove and meanders into picturesque Emerald Bay, one of the most popular spots for getting engaged in Lake Tahoe!

Paddle wheeler in Emerald Bay at Sunset. Photo Credit: Lake Tahoe Cruises

4. Propose in Tahoe at 6,600 Feet

Speaking of Emerald Bay, a beautiful place to propose in Tahoe South is at the Vikingsholm scenic overlook, high above Lake Tahoe or alongside the impressive 140-foot Lower Eagle Falls, adjacent to the overlook. But if you’re the hiking type, grab your special someone and head up to Upper Eagle Falls or Eagle Lake for unparalleled views. The perfect follow-up to a scenic Lake Tahoe proposal like this would be an “Old Tahoe Style” wedding ceremony and reception at Valhalla, the centerpiece of the Tallac Historical Site.

Sunrise overlooking Emerald Bay. Photo credit: VisitCalifornia.com

5. Peak Romance: Get Engaged on the Tahoe Rim Trail

You don’t need to be an expert hiker to appreciate the stunning views of the Tahoe Rim Trail! Many claim it offers the best vistas of Lake Tahoe. Isn’t your proposal worth the best? Explore the national treasure that is the Tahoe Rim Trail for a breathtaking hike and proposal. Depending on your route, you’ll enjoy beautiful views of either the lake or the valley.

Start your date out at the beautiful and secluded 11-acre Tahoe Ridge Resort and use their Skier Express gondola service for easy access to the trail. Book a stay and celebrate in your choice of 15 indoor and outdoor hot tubs throughout the property! They have incredible wedding ceremony and reception packages as well, so you can start planning your big day while you’re there!

Don’t miss the Skier Express gondola service at Tahoe Ridge Resort.

6. Propose in a Forest Near Lake Tahoe

If you’re in Lake Tahoe to immerse yourself in the splendor of its forests and the towering majesty of its trees, then proposing amidst the Tahoe forest is the ideal location you’ve been searching for! Embark on a romantic hike through the woods with your significant other and emerge engaged and deeply in love, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of nature’s embrace.

If a photographer is there for your proposal, they’ll have a gorgeous backdrop as you say “yes”! Photo credit: Alyssa Lynne Photography

7. A Fallen Leaf Lake Proposal

If you’re looking for a quiet and intimate spot to pop the question, there’s no better place than Fallen Leaf Lake. You’ll be able to enjoy the serenity of Tahoe without other visitors distracting you from your special moment. Tell your significant other why you love them and why you can’t imagine your life without them – we can almost guarantee that they’ll say yes! 

Look over the clear, still water and have the landscape of the mountains in the background as you propose! Photo credit: Denys Nevozhai

Tahoe South boasts an incredibly picturesque setting, making it the ideal backdrop for a romantic proposal. With its natural beauty, you’ll find endless charming spots to drop down on one knee. Create a moment you’ll cherish forever and ensure you can return for every anniversary to relive the magic of your special day!