Welcome Back!

We are thrilled to welcome visitors back to Lake Tahoe after the recent Caldor Fire. Thanks to the tireless work of all the front-line heroes and agencies who worked to protect our town and forests, Tahoe South is open and thriving. It’s the perfect time to secure your wedding date!

It’s not a saying reserved for realtors. No sooner is that ring on your finger that you start dreaming of your perfect wedding. The dress – strapless, simple, train or sparkles? Bridesmaids, music, the cake….location!?! Where do I wear this beautiful dress, dance with my father, cut the cake? Location will likely be one of the first and most expensive decisions you’ll make throughout this process. For some, this is an easy decision. It’s home – whether it be the home of your parents, where you grew up or the home you now share with your wife or husband to-be. For others, it’s an opportunity to experience something new together. Below is a helpful checklist of items to consider when selecting a location.

Date – How soon do you want to get married? Some venues/destinations are better fits for certain times of year. With this in mind, some venues offer discounts in the off-season.

Indoor/Outdoor – Do you envision yourself exchanging vows and dancing the night away under the stars or in the warmth and comfort of an indoor venue?

Do you have a special place in mind? Or a list of options? For those thinking destination wedding, where is the closest airport?

Guests – Ballpark guess. Do you need a big space or a small space? Do any of your guest have special needs or challenges? Will flying be an issue?

For me, location was everything. I knew I wanted an outdoor wedding but was torn between getting married in Lake Tahoe, home now, or back in Boston where I grew up. Ultimately, I decided to get married here in Lake Tahoe because 320 days of sun each year offered good odds for a sunny day, and I wanted to offer my family and friends an amazing vacation beyond my wedding. Proof that I made the right decision? A heart shaped cloud that appeared minutes before I walked down the aisle.