Welcome Back!

We are thrilled to welcome visitors back to Lake Tahoe after the recent Caldor Fire. Thanks to the tireless work of all the front-line heroes and agencies who worked to protect our town and forests, Tahoe South is open and thriving. It’s the perfect time to secure your wedding date!

If you get married in South Lake Tahoe, one thing’s for certain—your wedding background is bound to be amazing. And that means your pictures will be, too. In fact, it’s not unusual for couples to choose a South Tahoe wedding destination for photography potential alone.

The area sees four seasons that are all equally spectacular. And the scenery is always changing from one stunning setting to another. So, whatever colors you’re thinking of, South Tahoe’s got a seasonal backdrop to compliment your style.

newlywed couple kissing on the beach

Spring skies light up the backdrop for this beach wedding. (Photo courtesy of Lake Tahoe Cruises / Zephyr Cove Resort)

Serendipitous Spring Shots

Considering soft pastels? (Yep, they’re back!) If soft pinks and dusty teals are in the palette, springtime in Tahoe will give you the wedding backdrop of your dreams. And you’ll find more than just beautiful blossoms for the background. Lake Tahoe’s unique climate this time of year creates incredibly colorful evening skies, allowing for some of the sweetest wide-angle shots out there.

couple getting married on a lake shore in summer

Looks like these two summer lovebirds are destined for a beautiful future together. (Photo Courtesy of Zephyr Cove Resort)

Sweet Summer Snaps

In summertime, it’s all about light variety. Lake Tahoe’s elevation and mountain shadows offer up a variety of wedding backgrounds unlike any other season. Capture everything from bright colorful group shots on the beach to shadowy forest shots with a sentimental feel. Plus, thanks to long summer days, there’s plenty of time to catch the exact lighting you’re looking for.

fall wedding party throwing leaves

Leaves make lovely props for a fall wedding backdrop. (Photo Courtesy of Indigo Photography | Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel)

Fantastically Fun Fall Pics

Two words: aspen leaves. And lots of them. Incorporating these natural props in your wedding backdrop makes great pictures a guarantee. That’s especially true if you’re imagining your wedding party dressed in leafy colors like bronze, deep purple, and orange. And, if you’re thinking about a rustic ceremony, nothing will beat a fall backdrop.

snow falling on a newlywed couple

It’s snowing outside… and in! Nothing beats a snowfall sendoff. (Photo courtesy of Theilen Photography | Edgewood Tahoe)

Can’t Lose with a Winter Wonderland

Snow offers an incredibly versatile wedding backdrop. First, you’ve got the dramatic romance of winter black and whites. Then, capture the same scene in color, and you’ve got a photo full of festive fun. What’s really great about the snowy South Tahoe backdrop is that any color palette is guaranteed to pop. That means, as far as colors go, there are no limitations.

For more information about planning your South Tahoe dream wedding, and to find a list of top photographers, check out Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority (LTVA) website.