Welcome Back!

We are thrilled to welcome visitors back to Lake Tahoe after the recent Caldor Fire. Thanks to the tireless work of all the front-line heroes and agencies who worked to protect our town and forests, Tahoe South is open and thriving. It’s the perfect time to secure your wedding date!

If standing atop the mountains is how you want to say “I do,” look no further than Lake Tahoe. The pristine beauty of South Tahoe is showcased through crystal clear water, surrounded by breathtaking mountain views. 

We’ll go over the key aspects of planning your mountain wedding and how the professionals at each of the seven Tahoe Wedding Site locations can help you to achieve your mountain wedding dreams.

Let the Mountains Inspire Your Wedding Theme and Color Scheme

With mountains as inspiration, natural elements, organic shapes, and neutral colors can be a beautiful foundation for your wedding. 

Choose neutral color palettes that match your wedding aesthetic, such as shades of brown, gray, green, and blue. You can add accents of gold and silver or pops of color — much like a sunrise peeking over the mountain ranges.  

Your wedding invitation is the introduction to your wedding, so use them to set the theme of your big day. Add mountain stamps to your wedding invitations or mountain and tree landscape illustrations to the cardstock to set the tone for guests.

Keep your wedding dress or tux simple and sweet. Choose options with floral appliqúes or plant-themed embroidery. Tulle or lace fabric will be lightweight yet elegant, adding a delicate romance to your wedding look. 

Allow the Mountain Views to Speak for Themselves

Lake Tahoe weddings are stunning. The crystal clear water of Lake Tahoe and the tall pine trees are the perfect backdrops for your wedding. Pair that with a mountain-filled horizon, and you have a magazine-worthy wedding venue. 

All seven of our Tahoe wedding venues have stunning mountain views that’ll leave your family and friends in awe, including:

We love simple seating and neutral decor to keep the focus on the gorgeous landscape and venue. The wedding professionals at each Tahoe Wedding Site location can help you choose simple wedding decor that accents Tahoe’s natural beauty rather than detracts from it.

Hire a Local Photographer

South Tahoe wedding photographers know where to take the most stunning mountain photos of you and your bride or groom. Each South Tahoe wedding venue will provide a list of trusted photographers. 

Stroll through the greenery, just you and your new partner, and take photos that capture the beauty of the great outdoors. Walk to the clean beaches of Lake Tahoe, stand near the pines as the sun shines through the branches, or stand on the mountain peaks overlooking South Tahoe. 

Help Your Guests Enjoy the Mountains

Providing your out-of-town wedding guests with a list of tips, local attractions, and outdoor activities is a great way to help them enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. 

Mountain locations can be cooler than other outdoor wedding destinations, even in warmer summer months. Layers are key! Remind your guests to bring a jacket or shawl to stay warm. Encourage them to arrive early and drink plenty of water to acclimate to the climate and mountain air before your wedding day. 

Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority can help you to choose luxury hotels or camping options that are a perfect fit for you and your guests. They’ll also help you plan enough activities to fill a week or more — perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties, a wedding weekend, or an extended honeymoon. 

Six of the seven wedding venues through Tahoe Wedding Sites offer beautiful on-site lodging options. Truly making them the perfect option for you and your guests as they celebrate your mountain destination wedding. 

Contact the Professionals at Our Tahoe Wedding Site Locations

Whether you’re set on a mountain wedding or keeping your options open, we hope you’ll consider a Lake Tahoe wedding. All seven wedding venues included at Tahoe Wedding Sites can help provide you with a list of wedding resources, including vendors, caterers, wedding planners, photographers, and wedding packages.

Explore all Tahoe Wedding Site mountain venues to see which one is the best fit for your mountain wedding!