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We are thrilled to welcome visitors back to Lake Tahoe after the recent Caldor Fire. Thanks to the tireless work of all the front-line heroes and agencies who worked to protect our town and forests, Tahoe South is open and thriving. It’s the perfect time to secure your wedding date!
Couple Engagement

Photo Credit: www.jewelrywise.com

The moment your partner pops the question (or you pop it yourself and get the answer you were hoping for) you’ll experience so many overwhelming emotions you’ll probably want to run up the nearest hill and scream your exciting news from the top of it, then proceed to tell anyone and everyone you run into.

Tough as it may seem, you need to fight that impulse. Why? Because there are so many cute and fun ways you can announce your engagement, and you don’t want to steal your own thunder with a blurted-out announcement or a dashed-off Facebook status change. Here are five unique ways to announce your engagement that you can consider instead.

  1. The photo announcement. There are a million photo engagement announcement ideas, and for
    Photo Credit: http://taupymas.eu/

    Photo Credit: http://taupymas.eu/

    good reason: a photo announcement makes it easy to send a physical copy to your less tech-savvy relatives, and also allows you to blast the news out fast on social media. So whether you go to an apple orchard with an ‘I picked him’ sign, tie up a big knot and each hold one end of it, or flash your ring while petting your pooch who’s wearing the word ‘furever’ around his neck, it’s easy to customize this idea for your interests and sense of humor.

  2. Go old-school. It used to be that an engagement announcement in the local newspaper was customary. These days, it’s decidedly old-school and decidedly unique. Sit for a classic engagement photo, type up a hilariously formal announcement, then sit back and wait for the news to start making its way around. (You can also cheat and scan it for Insta and Facebook, of course.)
  3. Make a calendar. If you’re the creative type, pick out 12 of your favorite snapshots from your relationship. They can be pictures of the two of you, pictures of places you’ve been, anything. Then gather them up in a calendar template and get copies printed off at your local print shop. Your last step before mailing these calendars out to your loved ones is to grab a red Sharpie and draw a big heart around the date you’re asking folks to save for your wedding. This makes for an adorable surprise.
  4. Photo Credit: www.Etsy.com

    Photo Credit: www.Etsy.com

    Throw yourself a party. This is an idea for the social butterflies out there. Tell your friends, family and anyone you love that it’s been far too long since you’ve all gotten together and come up with a plan for gathering at your house or a restaurant. At some point in the evening, get up on a chair to make a long toast about how much everyone in the room means to you, and then slip in your engagement news to raucous applause. If you can keep it a surprise, your guests won’t feel obligated to bring a present.

  5. Send a note from the future. This works for the more traditional bride who will be taking her husband’s last name. Get little greeting cards printed up that say ‘A note from the future’ on the front, then write your message and sign it with your new name (and your wedding date, if you know it).

Once you’ve gotten your announcement out there, you can focus on planning your big day at one of our beautiful resorts: Edgewood Tahoe, Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe,  Zephyr Cove Resort,  Beach Retreat and Lodge at Tahoe, The Landing Resort and Spa, Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, or The Ridge Tahoe.

How do you plan to announce your engagement? Do you have any great ideas we haven’t thought of? Let us know in the comments!