Welcome Back!

We are thrilled to welcome visitors back to Lake Tahoe after the recent Caldor Fire. Thanks to the tireless work of all the front-line heroes and agencies who worked to protect our town and forests, Tahoe South is open and thriving. It’s the perfect time to secure your wedding date!

Planning your wedding ceremony is no easy task! Your wedding ceremony should truly reflect your relationship and love story in a way that makes all of your family and friends feel invested and included on your big day. Personalizing the service is one thing, but you’ll also want to incorporate some fun trends to keep everyone happy. We’re here to help you plan the perfect wedding ceremony, one that no one will soon forget!

1. Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue sets the tone for your wedding ceremony, so choose carefully! There are some incredible options for where to get married in Lake Tahoe. Make sure to think through the vibe and aesthetics of your dream wedding ceremony as you take your venue tours. Also, you must click with the venue staff; they will have great ideas about how to make your wedding day perfect, so be sure you work with an events team that gets you and your partner and is as excited about your big day as you are!

2. Create a Time Capsule

As a couple, you can place items from when you were dating, engaged, and directly before marriage to commemorate your relationship in your wedding time capsule to be opened years later. Place items like family letters, letters to each other, movie tickets, photos, concert tickets, travel itineraries, date menus, and more in the capsule so you can reflect on your favorite early memories together. 

3. Write Your Own Wedding Vows

Writing your wedding vows will allow you to truly put your heart into your wedding day. You and your partner are the ones that can put your love story into words better than anyone! Showcase your personalities as you commit your lives and hearts to one another. Personalized wedding vows aren’t just special for you two, they also allow your wedding guests to understand your relationship on a deeper level. 

4. Ring Warming Ceremony

A ring warming ceremony is a beautiful way for all members of your wedding to participate in your special day. Pass your wedding rings around to be blessed or prayed over. You’ll love placing the ring on your finger, knowing that your significant other is committing to you and that everyone you care about and love is blessing your marriage too. 

5. Have Your Friend/Family Member Be Your Wedding Officiant

One of the most meaningful ways to make your wedding ceremony your own is to have a friend or family member officiate your wedding day! Whoever you choose to officiate your wedding ceremony can become ordained by following steps online for their state.

6. Bride And Groom Gift Exchange

While you exchange rings and vows, you can also exchange gifts just before or even during your wedding ceremony. The gifts you give each other can be anything from a necklace or bracelet for the bride, cuff links or a tie clip for the groom, to honeymoon supplies (think sunglasses, hiking gear, or monogrammed towels, depending on your destination) or framed photos.

7. Unity Candle

Two separate flames will become one with a unity candle ceremony. You will each light a different candle, and together take those two to light one unity candle. You can also have your two families light a candle or choose to get your children involved to light one too!

8. Water or Sand Blending

With a water or sand blending ceremony, you will take two different colors of water to create one color or create a unique pattern in a clear vase with varying shades of sand. We recommend testing different water color combinations to ensure it will turn out on your big day! Use a clear, resealable vase or container to create a lasting memento from your big day.

9. Plant A Tree

Many couples want to go green on their wedding day. Here in Tahoe, we love this trend! Planting a tree is an excellent option for those that have an outdoor wedding venue. During the wedding ceremony, you can plant the tree in a pot, each taking turns adding dirt to the pot and watering it together. Once you’re home, you can plant the tree where it can grow over the course of your marriage. 

10. Create an Anniversary Box

Get a box with your names and anniversary date, and then fill the box with letters from family members and friends and a bottle of wine. If you plan to wait a long time before opening the box, make sure that you choose a wine that will age well. Once you decide to open your anniversary box, you can read each letter together while sipping on your wedding wine. 

11. Create A Signature Wedding Cocktail

Do you and your significant other have a favorite drink? Fill small glasses with your favorite drink to pass out to those attending your wedding. Say cheers and drink up! Serve more of your signature wedding cocktail at the reception later.  

12. Include Your Pets

If you and your soon-to-be husband or wife have a pet, this is an excellent opportunity to include them in the wedding! Have someone walk them down the aisle to meet both of you in excitement for the big day. They’ll love seeing you, and everyone in attendance will also love this cute moment!

13. Choose Meaningful Wedding Readers and Readings

Choose family members or friends to read short messages or poems during your wedding ceremony. Each reader can choose their reading, deciding on what they think most fits your relationship, helping to add some humor to the ceremony. You can also ask someone special to read something specific that holds a lot of meaning to you and your partner! 

14. Family And Friend-Made Bouquets

Ask your family members and friends what their favorite flowers are, and incorporate those flowers into the bridal bouquet. In a way, you’ll carry the love of your family members and friends down the aisle as you meet the love of your life. Or, have your family and friends hold their favorite flowers as the bride walks down the aisle so they can be collected and turned into a bouquet right before the ceremony. 

15. Knot-Tying

Marriage is called “tying the knot” for a reason. Spend some time practicing your fisherman’s knot tying skills before the ceremony. The fisherman’s knot is the strongest knot and gets tighter with pressure, symbolizing your relationship and how you both will continue to grow stronger together. Incorporate a knot-tying ceremony into your big day for a strong foundation.

16. Incorporate Heirlooms

Is there anything more personal than a family heirloom? Talk to both sides of the soon-to-be joint families and ask about wedding traditions, jewelry, clothing, and customs that you could work into your big day! Your family will love seeing their traditions included; these meaningful details will leave a lasting impression.

17. Select Ceremony Music You Love

There are no rules when it comes to your wedding ceremony tunes! Whether you want to incorporate the theme song from your favorite movie, turn “your song” into an instrumental for the processional, or surprise everyone and write a personalized song for your partner, music is a great way to personalize your ceremony!

18. Keep Seating Flexible

Don’t worry about assigning seats or sides for your wedding ceremony; let your guests choose where they’ll be most comfortable and let both sides get to know each other! Talk to your wedding venue about options for creative seating arrangements too! Ask about lounge furniture options, cool entrances, and non-traditional seating arrangements!