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5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Send-Off Ideas

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bride and groom in the pine trees
A wedding setting doesn’t get more pristine than Tahoe South. (Photo courtesy of Aaron Underwood)

No matter where you tie the knot, one thing’s certain—you want to keep the environment in mind. Especially if you plan to make things official in beautiful South Tahoe (and why in the world would you choose any place else, right?). (more…)

For the Best Destination Weddings in Tahoe South

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south tahoe destination wedding photo
South Tahoe is destination wedding magic. (Photo courtesy of Matt Theilen)

Some of the best destination weddings in the world happen in gorgeous Tahoe South. But a lot goes on behind the scenes to make those dream weddings a reality. Thanks to the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority website, all that work can be a whole lot easier. The site has all the information you need to start planning—from venues to photos, lodging, and fun. Read on to learn more! (more…)

5 Reasons a South Lake Tahoe Honeymoon is the Most Romantic

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There’s just something magically romantic about a South Lake Tahoe honeymoon experience. Breathing clean mountain air, taking in the starry skies and golden sunsets, and dreaming about the future together by the firelight… what could be a better backdrop for building closeness than that?

So, it’s no surprise that South Lake has been a favorite among newlyweds for decades, and here are the top five romantic reasons why.

#1 The Lake

Newlywed couple looking at a sunset on lake tahoe
Lake Tahoe truly is one of the most romantic places on earth. Photo courtesy of Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel.

It’s the jewel of the region—a big blue beauty that draws everyone in. After all, the lake is the reason why anyone is here at all. And South Tahoe offers so many opportunities to simply sit and enjoy that beckoning beauty. For example, at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, honeymooning sweethearts can spend evenings enjoying panoramic views of the lake from a large deck off a private suite. Add two glasses of champagne, and the romance abounds. (more…)

7 Places to Have the Perfect Winter Wedding

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happy bride and groom in the snow
Winter weddings are all about romance and fun. Photo Credit: The Ridge Resorts

It just doesn’t get any more romantic than a winter wedding in the snow. Cozy firelight, hot toddies, and a natural backdrop of white that makes for endless color possibilities make this chilly season a delightful setting for the sweetest, most intimate of ceremonies.

But there is one trick to it… (more…)

Expect the Unexpected: Weddings at The Landing Resort and Spa

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Grand rooftop terrace for weddings at The Landing Tahoe.
The Grand Rooftop Terrace offers a panoramic view of Lake Tahoe for weddings at The Landing. Photo Credit: Lauren Lindley Photography | The Landing Resort and Spa

Your wedding isn’t something you want to be competitive over, of course. But we can hardly blame any couple for wanting their wedding to have those little extra touches that set it apart from any other wedding they’ve ever been to. It’s only natural. The Landing Resort and Spa is a luxury boutique hotel in Tahoe South that specializes in those unique extra touches, making weddings that are unforgettable for the wedding couple and guests alike. Here are a few of the unique and unexpected perks you can expect from weddings at The Landing Resort and Spa. (more…)