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6 Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers We Love

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Are you planning a rustic Lake Tahoe wedding? If so, prepare to have a ton of fun choosing your wedding cake toppers. With so many design options, the field is wide open for creativity. Whether you’re going with a timeless rustic motif, a kitsch vintage ski lodge look, or something in-between, your cake can carry the theme to the extreme.

For example, we’ve seen wedding cakes embrace the rustic setting with themed elements like pine trees, cut wood, “rusty” motifs, and even scattered stones. Sound crazy? Well, keep reading, and check out six of our favorite local designs to see how cool “crazy” can be.

chocolate trees wedding cake toppers
Photo Courtesy of Flour Girl Wedding Cakes, South Lake Tahoe


South Tahoe Outdoor Wedding Shoes for Every Season

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wedding shoes on a beach in lake tahoe
A gorgeous pair of kicks on the beach at The Landing Resort and Spa in Lake Tahoe. (Photo courtesy of Indigo Photography by Brandi)

Whether you plan your Lake Tahoe outdoor wedding for winter, spring, summer, or fall, one thing is certain: The shoes will take some extra thought. After all, no one wants to see you (or any of your bridesmaids) suffer an outdoor stiletto disaster. (more…)

Mountain Weddings at Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe

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mountain weddings on the beach at beach retreat tahoe
A next-level wedding planning team means next-level photo ops like this one. (Photo courtesy of Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe)

The thing that makes Sierra Nevada mountain weddings so amazing is their style and theme versatility—especially in South Lake Tahoe. The scenery just lends itself to any design, from eclectic and rustic to utterly elegant. But, three things make mountain weddings at Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe extra amazing. (more…)

5 fun ways to exit your wedding reception

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The happy couple leaving their reception at the Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe! Photo: Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe

The big exit from a wedding reception is a tradition that has somewhat fallen by the wayside, and it’s time to bring it back. You shouldn’t be stuck packing up excess booze and bidding farewell to distant relatives after your big day. You should go out in style! Here are five fun ways to make your exit from your wedding reception.

  1. Lovely couple celebrating at  Zephyr Cove Resort! Photo: Zephyr Cove Resort
    Lovely couple celebrating at Zephyr Cove Resort! Photo: Zephyr Cove Resort

    The dance-off. When you and your spouse are ready to pack it in, have the DJ announce that you’re on your way and you’re inviting everyone onto the dance floor. Have the DJ crank Shout! by the Isley Brothers or another upbeat tune and dance your way out the door. Bonus if you can incorporate a conga line that leads you to the exit.

  2. Send up good wishes. This one might work better for more intimate affairs. At some point in the ceremony, both you and your partner write out a wish for your marriage. Put the wishes into a balloon, blow it up with helium, and at the end of the night head outside and send those wishes skyward with your family and friends all around you.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.33.22 AM
    Horse & Carriage in front of Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel makes the perfect romantic getaway.
  3. Bring back the horse and carriage. This is a bit old-school, but there’s nothing quite as romantic as a horse and carriage ride. Book a horse and carriage to be waiting for you, hang a classic ‘Just Married’ sign on the back of it, and wave goodbye while a hundred surprised guests put your farewell pics on Instagram.
  4. Let your friends and family light the way. If you are making your exit at night, arm your guests with either sparklers or glow-sticks and have them form a lighted tunnel for you to walk through to your mode of transportation.
  5. The goodbye group shot. Have a table prepared with pieces of poster board and black Sharpies.
    The wedding having one last group shot for the day on the pier out side the Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe. Photo: Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe
    The wedding having one last group shot for the day on the pier out side the Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe. Photo: Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe

    Give your guests 10-15 minutes’ notice before you leave and let everyone write out their goodbye or good luck messages to you, then gather for one last huge group photo with everyone holding their signs. All of your guests will feel like they had a chance to say goodbye, and you’ll have a great keepsake photo.

Whether you’re making your exit from the Beach Retreat and Lodge at Tahoe, the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, Edgewood Tahoe, the Ridge Tahoe, Zephyr Cove Resort, the Landing Resort and Spa or the Hard Rock Tahoe, you’ve chosen to do your wedding in style and you don’t want to neglect a single detail, including your exit.


Catering your South Lake Tahoe Wedding

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Congratulations for choosing South Lake Tahoe for your destination wedding! You have already chosen one of the most beautiful destinations in the world for your wedding ceremony and reception, now what about the food? Choosing a caterer and menu for your wedding reception can be a lot of fun — and with the right professionals helping you, your wedding guests are in for a reception to remember.

Edgewood Tahoe
Edgewood Tahoe

Onsite Catering Professionals
Depending on the venue for your wedding reception in South Lake Tahoe, you may have the option of an onsite catering staff available to help you plan the perfect reception. Wedding reception menus at Edgewood Tahoe are created with the in-house master chef, who will help you prepare a customized menu or choose from a number of set menus. The professional restaurant staff can easily make accommodations for special menu requests or vegetarian options.

Zephyr Cove dining
Lake Tahoe Cruises/Zephyr Cove Resort

Holding your wedding and reception at The Ridge Tahoe? Their banquet and reception professionals offer a wide range of choices for your reception fare, from a casual buffet dinner to a more formal, plated meal. Wedding reception menus at Zephyr Cove Resort are created by their executive chef and catering staff, who have the professionalism, creativity and expertise to help you craft exactly the reception you’ve been dreaming of. Receptions at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel include dining options from their culinary team that cover the range from a simple buffet to elegant plated dinners. Add-on options for your South Lake Tahoe reception include a signature cocktail, a chocolate fountain or even chocolate-covered strawberries. Bring your imagination and the professionals at any of these South Lake Tahoe venues will gladly help you create the wedding reception of your dreams.


Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel

 Hiring an Outside Caterer

Some venues for your South Lake Tahoe wedding will allow you to hire an outside catering professional. Be sure to check first with the wedding coordinator at your chosen venue before contracting with an outside caterer and visit for ideas.

Whatever your choice for catering your South Lake Tahoe wedding, you can be sure your event will be a memorable — and tasty — one.